Sunday, May 2, 2010

SEO Tools

SEO is a practice website publishers engage in to increase their popularity in the search engines for their chosen niche. Webmasters, in hopes of receiving a higher priority for their chosen search terms in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, optimize their sites.
Optimization of a website when done correctly, can have a profound effect on business, online or offline, as it allows thousands or even millions of users to browse the website optimized. Most webmaster utilize a variety of SEO tools to help them with the process.
Sites that are not optimized generally can not be found. There are many SEO tools to help you create a web site successfully optimized especially for high page rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Visit for some of the tools I find especially useful for website optimization.
It is important to make sure your are using keywords, title tags, meta tags, header tags and descriptions correctly. Many believe these are no longer necessary because they play a very small roll in how Google ranks your site but they are forgetting about all the other search sites that you definitely want to be listed on as well as the fact that they do still play a roll with Google just not as heavy a roll as it once did.
Learning all you can about SEO, both on site and off site is extremely important if you ever want to get traffic to your site. Without traffic, no sales, no sales no money. So matter how great your site looks or how awesome the content is you still need to do your SEO. Utilize the free SEO tools available online as well as investigate the paid SEO tools. There are many affordable SEO packages to help you do it yourself effectively.
There are plenty of SEO forums as well to help you with any questions or concerns and you can always learn something new by visiting these forums.
Promoting your business online is an art and it takes time and effort, but with the right training you can succeed online no matter what business or industry you have chosen. The key is to be open to learning, dedicated to implementing what you have learned, organized and determined to succeed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SEO Tools

You have probably heard about the importance of building backlinks. There are tons of ways to do this but a really great way to get backlinks is going in and posting to forums. Forums a great because the backlinks that come from these do really well on the search sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Another thing about forums is that when you go into the SEO and internet marketing areas of these forums you will be surprised at the knowledge of many who will answer your questions and just how many times they offer up free advice as a post. You can learn so much in these forums and the fact that you are building backlinks is a bonus.

You never want to approach these forums as just a place to get backlinks though, go in post questions you have and answer question you can in a respectful and helpful manor. Read all the rules of each forum. They do vary as to what you can and can not do but most will allow you to add a signature with the links to your own websites. Some wait until you have a few posts under your belt, usually 10 or so just to be sure your not spamming.

As well as backlinks, another benefit to the forums is that if you have good answers to other posters questions you will build up a good reputation in each forum and you will gain traffic just because people trust you and begin to follow the links in your sig to your offers.
Most forums will, however, not allow you to post your links in the content of the post this should be done in your signature and on your own profile page. Posting links and blatantly promoting your offers while offering no real value to the forum is a quick way to get yourself banned. Most importantly, have fun they can be addicting after awhile but the good thing is that your backlink efforts will pay off in the long run!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

How to get ranked higher in the search engines fast!

How to get more traffic fast!

One of the most important keys to success online is getting website traffic.  The more visitors you have, the higher your sales and profits.  We will assume you know your keywords, and are regularly conducting keyword research to stay on top of what your potential customers are searching for. If you need more information on keywords and keyword research go to So lets get started. For the purpose of this tutorial I have added spaces on either side of the tags within the brackets, when you are using these tags there should be no spaces.

Tip #1  Make sure you’re actually using your meta tags title tags and header tags.

You may have heard that these tags are not important and you don't need to worry about them. This is true for Google as Google now tends to use your content to extract the information you need. Although Google is probably the most important search engine, it is not the only search engine and many of the others still use and as far as I can tell have no plans to stop using these tags.  Here’s a quick note on tags.

 Title tags.  Title tags just may be the most important place to add your keywords.  Here’s what they look like - < title >Primary keywords or keyword phrase here. < /title >

Your title tag is where you add your main keyword or keyword phrase.  The sentence will describe your business and displays in the top tab of your page and as the title when a user does a search on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

 Header Tags.  Header tags should be your next focus in order of importance to search engines.  They’re ranked in order of importance and look like this -

< h1 > Primary and/or Secondary keyword phrase here< /h1 >

     You can have multiple headers and the “1” designates this header as the most important header on the page as well as the largest.

 Meta Tags. Meta tags give the short description text found underneath the title tag on the search engine results page.  Similar to  title tags these should be kept brief, informative and current.

 Alt Tags.  Alt tags are used to provide a text description of a image or picture.  Each image on your site should have a description and an alt tag.

Tip #2 Add content to your site constantly and keep it up to date.

Content is essential for traffic and a top search engine ranking. The search engines are relying on your content to tell it how important and informative your site is.  As I mentioned earlier, the content is where Google also gets the information for your page results on their search engine.  Keep the content coming, keep it fresh, relevant and updated and Google will love you and your site.

Tip #3 Build Backlinks to your site

The more links to your web pages the more valuable search engines perceive you to be, though not all links are created equal.  Search engines give more power to links from sites which are popular and credible and from sites that are relevant to your website topic. You may have heard that you need to get links from sites that have a higher PR or page rank. This is true the higher the better but that does not mean lower pr sites are a waste of time. It is not always easy to get high PR sites to link back to your site without buying the links. You can find plenty of sites that allow you to comment  and leave a link to your site. Blogs, News and information sites. Just make sure the article or blog you are commenting is relevant to your site.

You can encourage linking to your website by:

 Adding content to your site.
 Writing and submitting to article directories.
 Publishing press releases.
 Blogging and participating in social networking forums, chat rooms and social networking sites.

Tip #4 Be Social!

Now more than ever before, internet marketing is about building a community.  Whether you offer a forum on your website or you participate in social networking sites, social networking is a valuable traffic generating tactic.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools for generating links and traffic to your site – create a profile and then post comments, links to your site and ideas which generate conversation.

Get involved - many chat rooms and forums are industry specific, find those which cater to your industry, and begin participating.  Speak to and connect with a highly targeted audience.

Tip #5 Advertise for more exposure and traffic

Advertising, when handled strategically, can be used to promote your content and products or services.  PPC advertising is often the tool of choice because you control the advertising budget on a daily basis and have the tools to test and track your advertising efforts.  Once you’ve honed your PPC ads the return on investment can be phenomenal in terms of traffic and purchases.  

For maximum results, create a traffic and SEO strategy.  Outline your plan and your goals and then take the necessary action.  Take advantage of these five traffic and search engine tips to boost your business.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is the practice that website publishers engage in to increase their popularity in the search engine results for their chosen niche. Search engine optimization users hope to gain higher priority for their chosen search terms in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Search engine optimization, when done correctly, can have a profound impact on any business, online or off, since it enables thousands or even millions of internet users to better find the optimized website whereas without optimization they may not have found it at all.
There are thousands of SEO tools that will help you create a website that is optimized specifically for higher page ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some of the tools I use are listed below as well as my SEO site to make it easier for you if you are just starting out in online marketing.

  • Wordtracker Keyword Tool-Find optimal keywords by number of searches per day
  • Google Keyword Tool-Find optimal keywords by number of searches per month
  • SEObook-Multiple SEO tracking tools to see exactly where you are with any SEO project.
  • Google PPC Pay per click advertising-a great tool but be careful with this one, get to know it first and run some brief tests before going full force.
  • community-great to keep track of the competition as well as learn from them.
  • SEO Tools-My SEO site with more tips and tools.
  • Promoting your business online is an art and it takes time and effort, but with the right training you can succeed online no matter what business or industry you have chosen. The key is to be open to learning, dedicated to implementing what you have learned, organized and determined to succeed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

SEO Tools

If you are new to SEO, SEO tools and internet marketing you have come to the right place. My intent is to give you clear, concise information on website promotion and the steps to take to create and promote your website.

The first step to making money online and promoting your business is of course to choose a business and we will assume you have already done so and move on to the next step. If you are just starting out and have not found a business your want to promote then I suggest taking a look at for an idea to promote.

Next step is you need to get yourself a website or blog. When choosing a domain name or blog url you want to make sure that it is keyworded for the business you have chosen. If you need help with any aspect of these or any other steps listed I can be contacted by filling in the form below for more information.

You will need a good, affordable web hosting service. If you decide to go with a free hosting service, remember, free sites put their logos on them and often tell the customer flat out that it is a free service which does not in any way look professional. If you must use one for financial reasons, change that as soon as you are able web hosting plans are very affordable now, you can check out the link above to see just how inexpensive they really are.

If you are going to use a blog like Google's Blogger or Wordpress, you also want to note that you are really not allowed to use these sites commercially and can have your entire blog shut down without ever knowing exactly what triggered it, so use them but be careful with this. It is better to host the blog on your own site if that is the look you are going for plus you will have total control over it. Next blog will continue from this point and talk more about the different SEO tools and tactics.