Sunday, January 3, 2010

SEO Tools

If you are new to SEO, SEO tools and internet marketing you have come to the right place. My intent is to give you clear, concise information on website promotion and the steps to take to create and promote your website.

The first step to making money online and promoting your business is of course to choose a business and we will assume you have already done so and move on to the next step. If you are just starting out and have not found a business your want to promote then I suggest taking a look at for an idea to promote.

Next step is you need to get yourself a website or blog. When choosing a domain name or blog url you want to make sure that it is keyworded for the business you have chosen. If you need help with any aspect of these or any other steps listed I can be contacted by filling in the form below for more information.

You will need a good, affordable web hosting service. If you decide to go with a free hosting service, remember, free sites put their logos on them and often tell the customer flat out that it is a free service which does not in any way look professional. If you must use one for financial reasons, change that as soon as you are able web hosting plans are very affordable now, you can check out the link above to see just how inexpensive they really are.

If you are going to use a blog like Google's Blogger or Wordpress, you also want to note that you are really not allowed to use these sites commercially and can have your entire blog shut down without ever knowing exactly what triggered it, so use them but be careful with this. It is better to host the blog on your own site if that is the look you are going for plus you will have total control over it. Next blog will continue from this point and talk more about the different SEO tools and tactics.

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